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James O. Kendall

James O. Kendall, of the firm of J. O. Kendall & Co., millers, Hartford, was born in the town of Ashby, Middlesex Co., Mass., Jan. 4. 1821. Is the son of Joseph and Mary (Haynes) Kendall. On reaching manhood (1842), Mr. Kendall engaged in the manufacture of lumber, tubs and pails in his native town. He was married, Sept. 21, 1843, to Miss Phebe H. Denny, daughter of Joseph and Phebe (Henshaw) Denny. Mrs. Kendall was born in Leicester, Mass. Mr. Kendall continued his business at Ashby till the fall of 1856, when he came to Hartford. Here he spent a few years working as a millwright, and, in the fall of 1860,he bought an interest in the Hartford mill property, including the water-power, flouring-mill and saw-mill, the firm name being J. O. Kendall & Co. In 1873, the company built the extensive brick flouring-mill known as the Hartford Mills, and which are described elsewhere under the head of manufactories; the firm handles about 130,000 bushels of grain annually. Mrs. Kendall died July 22, 1877. She was the mother of four children-Flora H., was the wife of William H. Babcock, and died Oct. 10, 1876; Henriette, now Mrs. John Arthur, of Hartford; Edward H., married to Miss Kate Arthur, also residents of Hartford; Abbott D., died in childhood. Mr. Kendall was married, in the town of Scott, Sheboygan Co., Oct. 22, 1878, to Mrs. Maggie J. Sprague, daughter of Jacob Herman, of Scott.